IDS Next has been unveiled as Co-Headline Sponsors for Hotel Managers Conference & Awards Africa 2024 by the organizers, which is holding in Lagos on the 13th & 14th July 2024 at the Lagos Continental Hotel Victoria Island Lagos. The theme of the conference is, “Innovative Strategies: Nurturing Resilience and Excellence in Guest Experience in African Hospitality”.

Mr. Sunday Omotayo Olugbenga, CEO of Tojum Hospitality and Convener of HMCA

Mr. Sunday Omotayo Olugbenga, the Convener of the Hotel Managers Conference & Awards and CEO, Hotel Managers school Limited, expressed his excitement about the anticipated game-changing presence of IDS Next to African hospitality landscape through the Co Headline Sponsorship of Hotel Managers Conference & Awards 2024.

“As Co-Headline Sponsors of the Hotel Managers Conference & Awards 2024, IDS Next is poised to make a significant impact on the hospitality industry in Nigeria and Africa.

Their participation brings a unique set of offerings that will transform the way hotels operate, making them more efficient, guest-centric, and profitable.

With IDS Next’s cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, IDS Next will showcase their comprehensive hotel ERP system, which will enable hotels to streamline their operations, enhance guest experiences, and increase revenue.”

Mr. Sunday continued, “This will revolutionize the industry, providing hotels with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. IDS Next’s expertise and support will also provide a platform for hotels to learn, network, and collaborate, driving growth and excellence in the industry. Their presence at the conference is a testament to their commitment to empowering hospitality professionals in Nigeria and Africa, and their impact is eagerly anticipated”, he concludes.

Mr. Rajesh P. Yadav, the Chief Revenue Officer, IDS Next, speaking about IDSNext’s inspiration to come onboard as the Co-headline Sponsors of the Hotel Managers Conference & Awards 2024, explained that, “IDS Next has been a key supplier to the African hospitality market and that they have good presence in Nigeria, with more than 20 hotels already using their solutions. For us, the Hotel Managers Conference is a great opportunity to connect with the key players of the Nigerian hospitality industry”.

He spoke on IDS Next’s expectations from the conference and awards, and how their participation would benefit their organization.

“The Hotel Managers Conference is a hub of connection for hospitality in the region. And as a key player in hospitality software, team IDS hopes to meet and interact with other stakeholders of the African hospitality industry and explore how we can further add value to the market.”

Shedding more light into the company’s work so far in Africa, Mr. Yadav revealed that, “The African hospitality industry is a key market for IDS Next, as we see the immense opportunities in this region. We have been serving the African market for over 8 years, and we have a strong presence in the continent including, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, The Gambia, and many other West African countries. The region’s dynamic growth, increasing tourism, and expanding hotel industry present significant potential for our advanced, integrated solutions.

“Our solutions are designed with modern hospitality in mind, aligning with the evolving needs of the hospitality industry with a suite of products that covers everything from contactless check-in and front office management to guest requests, housekeeping, payroll, finance, inventory management, and procurement. IDS Next’s innovative and integrated solutions help hotels and resorts optimize their operations, enhance guest experience, and increase revenue. We hope to bring value to the attendees by showcasing these solutions at the conference.”

Mr. Yadav revealed IDS Next’s expectations at the Hotel Managers Conference & Awards 2024, saying that, “Our team is looking forward to connecting and partnering with more hotels and hospitality groups in this region. It is always better to foster good synergies and collaborations with other industry leaders because that is what drives our collective growth. For us, success will be measured by the quality of the connections we make, the valuable insights we gain from peers, and the potential partnerships that emerge from those interactions.

Concluding, he urged hospitality companies and participants to take advantage of special discounts and promotions at the event.

“IDS Next will be offering a 15% discount on all our solutions for participants of the conference. Discounts will only be valid till October 1, 2024”.

The Hotel Managers Conference & Awards Africa was conceived and organized annually to build capacity in hotel Managers across Africa as we keep pushing, bridging the gap and building capacities in hotels human and infrastructural resources in Nigeria and Africa to match what obtains in other hotels internationally, while recognizing and celebrating outstanding performances in hospitality outfits.

The core focus is to build capacities with Hospitality experts with global relevance to draw timely knowledge for professional exploits.

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