The West Africa Tourism Organisation (WATO) has announced the commencement of the 2024/25 series of regional familiarisation (FAM) and press trips designed to promote tourism within West Africa.

This initiative facilitated through WATO’s project, the West Africa Integrated Travel (WAIT), aims to enhance the visibility and
appeal of West Africa as a prime travel destination.

WAIT, launched in 2017, has been instrumental in fostering cross-border tourism and collaboration among West African nations.

The inaugural trip of the season takes tour operators and media representatives from Nigeria, Togo, and Ghana to the Republic of Benin, spotlighting the luxurious Casa del Papa Resort and Spa in Ouidah.

This trip underscores WATO’s commitment to showcasing the unique and diverse tourism offerings of the region, promoting regional cooperation, and driving economic growth through tourism.

Key highlights of the FAM trip are Destination: Republic of Benin; Feature Location: Casa del Papa Resort and Spa; Water Sports; The Python Temple, The Sacred Forest; The Gate of No Return, The Amazon Statue and other surrounding attractions.

The president of WATO, Ola Wright disclosed that the objectives of the maiden FAM/Press Trip are to Showcase Regional Attractions; Highlight the unique cultural, historical, and natural attractions of the Republic of Benin and Casa del Papa Resort and Spa.

To also promote Cross-Border Tourism: Encourage seamless travel and tourism between Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, and
Benin; Foster Media and Industry Engagement: Provide tour operators and media with firsthand experience to better
market and promote West Africa as a cohesive travel destination and Strengthen Regional Cooperation: Build stronger ties and collaborative efforts among West African tourism stakeholders.

“We are excited to launch this series of FAM/Press trips as part of our ongoing efforts to boost regional tourism through the WAIT project. By bringing together tour operators and media from across West Africa, we aim to foster greater
collaboration and showcase the incredible diversity and beauty of our region. The Republic of Benin, with its rich
cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, provides the perfect starting point for this initiative,” Ola Wright, President of the West Africa Tourism Organisation concluded.

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