The Nigerian Ambassador to Israel, Mrs. Agatha Nonyelum Afoekelu, was honoured by Imo state indigenes in Israel last weekend. In her remarks, she expressed gratitude to the Imolites for the recognition and pledged to continue serving all Nigerians in Israel with dignity and humility.

She implored Nigerians to be law abiding and emphasized the importance of unity, urging them to shun negative tendencies that could tarnish Nigeria’s image in Israel.

Mrs. Afoekelu commended the President of Imolites in Israel, Mr. Kingsley Ike, for his inclusive leadership and encouraged him to continue uniting Imolites in Israel.

She assured them that the Nigerian Embassy in Israel is a home for all and vowed to protect every Nigerian living in Israel diplomatically.

Earlier, Mr. Kingsley Ike, President of Imolites in Israel, explained that the honor was in recognition of Mrs. Afoekelu’s selfless service to Nigeria and humanity.

He praised her hospitable treatment of Nigerians in Israel, her indiscriminate relationship with Nigerians regardless of tribe or state of origin, and her participation in their cultural activities, which embodies the spirit of “one Nigeria.”

The event culminated in the presentation of an artwork representing Mrs. Afoekelu, the Nigerian Ambassador to Israel, by the Imolites in Israel.


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