WTM London 2023, the world’s most influential travel & tourism event – is shining a spotlight on the importance of education in the sector at this year’s Ministers’ Summit.

The topic for ministers to debate at the high-profile annual summit will be “Transforming Tourism Through Youth and Education”.

It will take place on 6th November 2023 – Day One of WTM London – with BBC World News presenter Zeinab Badawi returning to host the discussions among the largest annual global gathering of tourism ministers.

For 17 years, tourism leaders from around the world have come together at World Travel Market, in association with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) to debate policy, strategy, development and investment.

Juliette Losardo, Exhibition Director at World Travel Market London, said:

“Education is the cornerstone of sustainable tourism development. Investing in tourism skills and training is now more critical than ever.

“Ministers at the Summit will explore ways that their tourism and education policies can empower individuals and communities, drive innovation, foster responsible practices and support the resilience and success of our sector.”

The UNWTO forecasts continued growth in international tourist arrivals in the coming years, leading to a surge in employment opportunities within the sector.

By 2030, the tourism sector could provide employment for more than 300 million people worldwide – but a skilled and knowledgeable workforce is vital, requiring the sector to invest and close existing gaps in education and training.

According to WTTC, travel and tourism employs a higher proportion of younger workers than other sectors, and jobs for young people have been rebounding quickly after the pandemic.

Its figures show that travel and tourism’s share of youth employment has grown from 6.5% in 2010 to 8.2% in 2021.

As well as looking at ways to close the skills gaps in tourism education and training, the Summit will ask how public-private partnerships can be strengthened to improve access to quality education – and how educational institutions can align their courses with the evolving needs of the tourism industry.

Ministers will share examples of best practice and examine how international collaboration can be enhanced to promote successful strategies in tourism education around the world.

This year’s conversation at the Ministers’ Summit will align with the overall World Travel Market campaign around the Power to Change, with a big focus on sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.

Losardo added: “The Summit will offer a unique platform for stakeholders to come together, exchange ideas and forge innovative solutions that will contribute to shaping the educational journey in the tourism sector.

“I’m delighted to share that ‘Transforming Tourism Through Youth and Education’ will be the theme of our Ministers’ Summit, as we play our part in the global conversation to create new futures.”

The Ministers’ Summit at World Travel Market in association with UNWTO and WTTC will take place from 11:00 – 13:00 on the Elevate Stage, on Day One of WTM London (November 6).



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