Outgoing Chief Executive of Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center (MCEC) Peter King has been recognised for his contribution to the business events sector and his work growing the MCEC over the past decade.

In his final month as CEO, Peter has been celebrated with a permanent tribute installed in MCEC’s Plenary, he’s been inducted as a Club Melbourne Ambassador, and he has received lifetime membership of the Exhibition and Events Association of Australasia (EEAA).

This week, a unique red chair was installed at MCEC’s Plenary space as a nod to his earlier career as a first-class cricketer. The green chairs of the Plenary are designed to represent the grass of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Peter once hit a record six into the northern stands. A red chair marks where the ball landed at the MCG, mirroring the new one installed in Peter’s honour in the Plenary.

Peter has also been made an honorary Club Melbourne Ambassador in recognition of his support of the program over the last decade. Since he became CEO of MCEC, Club Melbourne has supported bids to win 107 international events worth more than $860 million in economic impact and attracting over 150,000 delegates to Melbourne.

Last week Peter was also awarded Lifetime Membership of the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) for his contribution to the events industry. He has been an industry leader for years including serving as a board member of EEAA, Business Events Council of Australia, AIPC, and the Melbourne Convention Bureau.

Peter finishes up at MCEC at the end of the year, but he leaves behind a lasting legacy on the centre, and broader industry including leading the $205 million expansion of MCEC, successfully leading the business through COVID-19, bringing the Good Friday Appeal’s Kids Day Out to MCEC, growing community partnerships and driving the business’s ambitious sustainability strategy.

The Hon. John Brumby AO, Chairperson, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, said:

“Peter’s contributions to MCEC and the industry over the years are many and numerous. It’s vital that his achievements are recognised by the business and the industry.

“His contributions transcend the boardroom and can be seen with tangible outcomes on the ground. Peter led the $205 million expansion of MCEC and during COVID-19 when the chips were down, he played a key role in advocating for the interests of the exhibition and event sector.

“He built strong relationships with his team, customers, and stakeholders, and is held in high regard by everyone he worked with. I’m delighted that we can recognise his incredible contribution to MCEC”

Peter King, Chief Executive, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, said:

“I really appreciate all the thoughtful recognition, acknowledgements and recognition I’ve received from well-wishers to mark my time at MCEC. The red chair as a memento at the Plenary is a real honour. Two of my great Melbourne passions are now aligned – the MCEC and the MCC.

“There are many things I am proud of that have occurred during my time here. Our business, in revenue terms, more than doubled in the years since I arrived. Every successive year saw us increase the size of the business and its impact. The footprint of the venue also increased by about 25% after we added the expansion space which opened in 2018.

“The thing I will remember most is that everything I have achieved has been made possible by the team around me. I’ll miss MCEC. I’ll miss walking through the concourse when it’s filled with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people. The smiles we put on faces, especially kids. And I’ll miss stopping to chat with our team and event organisers to see how everything’s going.

“I’m so proud about what we have done to reinforce our position as one of the best Convention and Exhibition Centres in the world.”

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