Mr. Bayo Adedeji, Group Chief Executive Officer, Wakanow

Organizers of Hotel Managers Conference, have announced Wakanow Group, a leading Nigerian travel and hospitality technology company, as Sponsor for 5th Hotel Managers Conference Owerri 2023.

This year’s edition is the 5th of the Conference and would focus on the theme, “Performance Management: Managers & Owners Dilemma”.

The Hotel Managers Conference would hold on the 13th–14th July, 2023 at Swiss International Beland Hotel, Owerri, Plot P/14 Public Building Layout, Imo Specialist Hospital Umuguma Road, New Owerri 471102, Owerri, Imo State.

Wakanow Group, as a leading travel and hospitality technology company, focuses on providing innovative and customer-centric travel solutions. The company offers a wide range of travel services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, vacation packages, airport transfers, visa assistance, travel insurance, and car rentals. It has strong relationships with airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers, ensuring competitive pricing and availability.

Mr. Olugbenga Omotayo Sunday, CEO/Convener, Hotel Managers Conference

Mr. Olugbenga Omotayo Sunday, CEO and Convener of the Hotel Managers Conference, speaking about Wakanow Sponsorship of the 5th Hotel Managers Conference Owerri 2023, asserted that Wakanow’s Sponsorship of HMC 2023 is a big plus to the Conference and for participants, delegates and to other sponsors and partners who have kept faith in HMC over the years.

“We are very elated with Wakanow coming onboard as Sponsor for the 5th Hotel Managers Conference Owerri 2023. Wakanow occupies a very unique place in the travel and tourism landscape in Nigeria and Africa.

From a game-changing travel company spurred by the need to use technology to provide available travel options to both Nigerians and the global travel audience with interest in Nigeria and Africa, Wakanow Group have gone on to pocketing the African travel landscape, one country after another!”, Mr. Sunday enthused.

Mr. Sunday continued, ‘Wakanow’s business strategies and creativity have seen them introducing novel travel options to various travelers, making travel possible to various income levels and making payments very easy and flexible. I am calling on delegates and participants to take advantage of Wakanow’s presence to move their businesses forward.

“Hotel Managers Conference provides a high value networking opportunities, closing deals and guarantees profitable follow-up businesses post conference. Thank you, Wakanow Group,’, he concluded.

Mr. Bayo Adedeji, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of Wakanow, speaking about the Sponsorship of Hotel Managers Conference said that, “As a leading travel and hospitality technology company, we are excited to be a sponsor of the Hotel Managers Conference 2023. Recognizing the importance of supporting industry growth, we believe collaboration and partnerships are key to driving innovation and knowledge-sharing.”

Mr. Adedeji revealed the driving objective of Wakanow in sponsoring the HMC, saying that, “Through this sponsorship, we aim to contribute to the advancement of the hotel business and tourism sector by fostering connections and discussions among professionals.”

Focusing on hotels and their businesses, Mr. Bayo Adedeji intoned that Wakanow has a focus that “By sharing our expertise and innovative solutions, we empower hotel managers to enhance service quality and customer experience. This aligns with our mission of promoting travel and tourism in Nigeria, strengthening partnerships, and showcasing our comprehensive range of travel services.

“As a trusted partner, Wakanow Group is committed to advancing the hotel industry, tourism, and travel, driving economic growth and creating exceptional hospitality experiences. We eagerly anticipate fruitful collaborations and impactful outcomes from our partnership with the Hotel Managers Conference’, he asserted.

Mr. Bayo Adedeji, driving home his points, dug deeper into the operational diversities that make Wakanow stand out. He revealed that, “Wakanow Group’s subsidiaries include Wakanow Nigeria, Kalabash (a payment solution provider), and Onburd (a technology-focused online travel company)”.

He went on to shed lights into the growth of Wakanow, explaining that, “The company has expanded its operations to Ghana, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Liberia, Dubai, and the United Kingdom, with plans to enter the United States and Francophone countries in Africa.

With its customer-centric approach and comprehensive travel solutions, Wakanow Group is dedicated to transforming the travel and hospitality industry in Africa.

Speaking about delegates expectations from Wakanow at the conference, Mr. Adedeji said that, “Wakanow eagerly looks forward to participating in the Hotel Managers Conference 2023. Delegates can expect knowledge sharing, innovative solutions, networking opportunities, collaboration opportunities, a focus on promoting domestic tourism, and industry insights from Wakanow’s experienced team.”

Mr. Bayo Adedeji, the Group Chief Executive Officer, Wakanow, revealed that, “Wakanow anticipates fruitful interactions and collaboration at the Hotel Managers Conference. We expect delegates to be open to partnerships, share insights and experiences, actively participate in discussions, explore new technologies, and seek new opportunities. Together, we can drive positive change in the industry.”

The Hotel Managers Conference was conceived and organized annually to build capacity in hotel and hospitality business Managers across Africa, as we keep pushing, bridging the big gap between International Hospitality brands and Indigenous brands both in administration and general operation standards.

Hotel Managers Conference is a platform where Hotel General Managers and Head of Departments of various hospitality brands in Restaurants, Bars and all the organizations within the hospitality value chain are privileged to meet hospitality experts with global relevance and draw timely knowledge for professional exploits.

Hotel Managers Conference runs live broadcasts on multiple social media Platforms. For HMC 2022, we had a total of 300 online participants for the conference and we had over 200 delegates from 18 States, covering the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria physically attended. This year’s edition would be bigger and better.

This 5th Hotel Managers Conference Owerri 2023 will see owners, chief executives of hotels and hospitality brands, general managers and department heads in Nigeria and Africa, fly into Owerri for the HMC 2023 from every part of Nigeria and Africa between 12th to 15th July 2023.


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