Team Nigeria is currently participating in the Chovken World Championship 2024 holding in Baku, Azerbaijan.

So far, Team Nigeria  played two matches and won them both.

First, Nigeria beat Germany 5:0 and then  beat Poland 4:1 at the on-going Chovken Championship.

The World Chovken Championship is being held from 10th to 16th of June. And, there are 10 participating countries at the 2024 Chovken World Championship.

Namely, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Malta, Kuwait, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany and Nigeria.

The ancient sport of Chovken is a team sport similar to Polo. It is played by horse riders with sticks competing to hit a small ball into a goal post.

One match consists of two halves, each lasting 15 minutes of effective play time.

4 players per team, with substitutes allowed. No handicap scale is being used, and every team can be accepted.

Teams are encouraged to have a similar skill level. Polo Team handicap of 2-4.

Team Nigeria players are Yusuf Bello, Shehu Kangiwa, Mukhtar Adhama and Abdulmalik Badamasi.

The Nigerian team is led by Nura Sani Kangiwa, the patron of NSK Polo team and Resort. Kangiwa is the Chairman, African Region, of the International Chovken Federation.

He is also the President of Nigeria Polo Federation.

The other Team Nigeria official is Abdulkarim Jibrin , Vice President, Nigeria Polo Federation. Nigeria’s next matchs are against Morocco on Thursday and Kuwait on Friday.

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