The National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies, NANTA wants the Federal Government to come to the aid of Nigerians and the body to stop the strangulating fares and practices by foreign airlines operating into the country.

The foreign airlines are reported to be selling tickets over 300% and have removed lower inventories under the guise of their trapped funds.

President, National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA) Mrs. Susan Akporiaye (3rd from left) and other members of NANTA at a news conference in Lagos recently

The President of NANTA, Mrs. Susan Akporiaye disclosed this at a news conference in Lagos.

Mrs. Susan Akporiaye says, a willing prospective Nigerian traveller either goes to neighbouring countries like Ghana and cotonou, Benin republic to buy lower inventory tickets or cough out about N3 million to buy an economy class ticket while date change on some of the foreign airlines are between N1.5 million to N1.8 million.

The NANTA boss stated that, this has crippled their businesses, drove their clients away and made Nigerians to travel across the borders at huge security risk to connect cheaper flights.

She stressed that, the foreign airlines under the guise of trapped funds are ripping off Nigerian travellers, adding that, with this development, the airlines are making more money and frustrating the travel agencies whose revenue has dwindled and the passengers.

According to the NANTA President, this suffocating profiteering practice by the foreign airlines must be stopped, urging the Federal Government to deploy its regulations to address this anomalies.

“In other countries, they dare not do this and if the airlines are so pained that this thing is affecting them, why didn’t they stop like emirates did? There seems to be more to this that meets our eye, am speaking to the present government, we are being ignored, they are ignoring their duties as government of Nigeria in protecting us”.

She also appealed to the Federal Government to encourage Nigerian airlines to explore more international routes to create a competitive environment as this would address the gap foreign airlines are catching in to exploit Nigerians.

“We as a body will gladly work with a committee set up to fine-tune how this would work, invariably we are telling the government if they don’t know how to do it, they are here, they should consult us

because more indigenous airlines would create competition and foreign airlines would not always take advantage of us or take us for a ride”.

Other members of NANTA speak on how the foreign airlines have subjected Nigerians to untold hardship.

“How do you think a Nigerian from Lagos would now carry dollars in their bag and go to Cotonou next door, it is really an Insult. And there is nowhere else in the world that this kind of extreme fares would be permitted and allowed, we are speaking to advocacy”.

NANTA says, if urgent steps are not taken to nip this trend in the bud, Nigeria will not only continue to loss revenue, the agencies will be ran out of business and this will add to the unemployment challenge in the country. (Credit:

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