Afrocentric multimedia outfit, C3 Pictures Limited, has announced a series of monumental media initiatives in its international drive to reshape the global perception of African history and culture.

The company unveiled its masterplan at its recently held brand relaunch and hangout in Lagos, which attracted guests from the entertainment, media and business worlds.

“We understand the pivotal role of culture in facilitating business and economic growth. However, the influence of a culture becomes diluted if it is not allowed to define itself,” said Isaac Adewole Gold, CEO of C3 Pictures.

According to Adewole Gold, the current resurgent global interest in African culture provides an opportunity for Africans to take control of the narrative and C3 is poised to take the lead in redefining Africa.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a platform where Africans can share their stories and showcase the beauty of African culture and heritage on a global scale, employing advanced technologies while preserving authenticity,”

Notable celebrities that graced the occasion include actor and politician, Bankole Wellington (Banky W); Communications tycoon and CEO, Zenera Consulting, Meka Olowola; business mogul, Alhaji Adewale Adesesan (CEO Le Palme Cargo and Logistics Solutions), Winner, The Voice Nigeria 2022, Esther Benyogo; actors, Lateef and Adebimpe Adedimeji; model, Bakare Mubarak; and Big Brother Naija trio, Kess, Pharmsavi and Christy O.

C3 Pictures has an ambitious two-year plan that entails the establishing of the largest and most technology advanced film studio in Africa.

This studio will serve as a versatile space to accommodate the production of films, television programs, commercials and music videos. Additionally, the company plans to undertake the production of two exceptional movies within this timeframe.

The long term plan entails the establishment of a film city, which will proudly serve as the permanent home for C3 Pictures headquarters. This state-of-the-art facility is set to be situated in Lagos, Nigeria, encompassing an array of cutting-edge film and photography studios.

Alongside these studios, there will be a television station, an ultra-modern film school, purpose-built structures for filmmaking, residential areas, a gymnasium, a school, and even amusement parks.

Popular entertainment icon and politician, Banky W, lauded C3 Pictures and its CEO, Adewole Gold, for taking a bold step towards filling a gap that the entertainment industry had always yearned to be filled.

“Isaac and his team give me great hope for the future of Africa with this bold initiative. The entertainment industry has long craved for this kind of disruption,” Banky W said.

According to Media Consulting tycoon, Meka Olowola, C3 Pictures has taken an audacious step into a space that only giants dare to get into.

“With the recent economic reforms by the new government, what Isaac and his team are doing will attract significant international investment into the Nigerian media and entertainment sectors. Its is also a massive image booster for our nation,” said Olowola, who is the Managing partner of Zenera Consulting. Nevertheless, competing on the global stage requires immense financial and technical capacity.

“We definitely have the capacity to compete with the best and biggest media platforms in the world. What we need is the willpower,” said Mubarak Bakare, cultural ambassador and the tallest model in sub-Saharan Africa.

Bakare added that, “Africa is the cradle of mankind and we should provide inspiration for the rest of the world. Now is the time to tell our stories by ourselves.”

According to actor, Lateef Adedimeji, reshaping the African media and entertainment landscape will require collaboration.
“Entertainment has a huge potential to bring in more revenue for the country. To achieve this, we have to collaborate with others, both at the local and international levels.”

Founded by Isaac Gold Adewole, C3 Pictures is a dynamic, eclectic African multimedia outfit offering services in Filmmaking, television, photography and other creative media.
With expressions across the world, the firm is currently undergoing a renewed drive to evolve into a pan-African media giant. C3 Pictures aims to become the leading African media brand, showcasing the best of Africa’s culture and heritage through exceptional storytelling.

The organization’s drive is fueled by a deep-sited desire to bridge an obvious gap in the way African stories are told on the global scene by telling African stories in new and relatable ways with innovation and excellence without sacrificing authenticity.

C3 Pictures currently has expressions in Lagos (Nigeria), Ontario (Canada), London (United Kingdom), and Atlanta (USA).


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