The East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition (EMITT), as one of the top five tourism exhibitions worldwide which was not held in 2021 due to the pandemic, is preparing to take place at TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center on February 9-12, 2022, after a two-year hiatus.

EMITT annually attracts around 45,000 industry professionals and tourists looking for new and exciting travel opportunities from destinations and travel service companies from across the globe.

The 25th East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition, shaping world tourism will be the meeting point for many local and foreign visitors in the tourism industry.

Regional Director of the global exhibition organization Hyve Group, which organizes EMITT, the most important meeting platform of the sector representatives and shaping the world tourism, Kemal Ülgen, underlined that they decided to postpone the event during the pandemic because they wanted the exhibition to be efficient for all domestic and international stakeholders.

He also said: “After a 2-year hiatus, at the 25th East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition – EMITT, which will take place at TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center on February 9-12, 2022, we intend to carry out collaborations more comprehensively and stronger than ever before. With the extensive program we are preparing, we look forward to welcoming our exhibitors and visitors in the best possible way.”

Digital Transformation in Tourism and Innovative Approaches That Will Make Turkey Reach the Top, Will be Discussed at EMITT’s Extensive 25th Anniversary Event Program. EMITT adopts the mission of a common mind platform for approaches that will make Turkey reach the top, which ranks 6th among the world’s most tourist-attracting countries and hosted 51.7 million tourists in 2019 and obtained 34.5 billion dollars from tourism, just before the pandemic.

This year, four main themes, which are tourism economy, trends leading the sector, prominent destinations and technological innovations that will mark the next decade will be discussed in the panels and events. The reflections of the digital transformation experienced in all sectors during and after the pandemic on the tourism industry, the tendencies of the sector stakeholders to digitize their sales and sales channels, the latest technologies and strategies to increase awareness and online sales, will be discussed by the experts in detail at the EMITT Exhibition.

Health Tourism Sector Worth $1 Billion Will be Presented at the EMITT Exhibition for the First Time.
The 25th EMITT Exhibition, which will be held at TÜYAP on February 9-12, 2022, will host health tourism professionals for the first time. Diversifying the tourism products and cooperation opportunities it provides to foreign buyers and visitors, EMITT Exhibition aims to promote Turkish health tourism in other countries. In Turkey, after the construction of city hospitals, health infrastructure has been renewed, and now it is becoming the new center of health tourism for American, European and Middle Eastern tourists.

It is important to build collaborations quickly and professionally in order to make faster progress and to increase Turkey’s global market share in the field. Stating that 880 thousand tourists came to Turkey for health purposes in 2019, EMITT Exhibition Director Hacer Aydın said, “Turkey’s goal of becoming a global health tourism center is in our national agenda, it is something we have been planning and investing in for a long time”. In recent years, especially because of Europe’s aging health infrastructure, Turkey has started to become an important health tourism point for the world, especially in the Middle East and Europe. Aydın said that it is very important for Turkey to improve its brand value in this sector. Stating that health tourism will make a significant contribution especially in terms of foreign currency inflow, Aydın emphasized that according to data obtained by TUIK, health tourism expenditure in 2019 was 1 billion 65 million dollars and its share of total tourism income was 3.09 percent.

EMITT Increased the Total Number of Visitors by 29% and the Number of Foreign Visitors by 87% in 2019
EMITT Exhibition, in which the trends of tourism are determined by providing information exchange and by identifying the development areas of the tourism industry all over the world and in Turkey, aims to improve Turkey’s performance in the field of health tourism by hosting health tourism representatives in its 25th year. The exhibition, which was last held in 2019, brought together nearly 1000 exhibitors and 200 tour operators from 103 countries with 44.321 visitors, and made a significant contribution to the country’s economy by making 4.476 appointed job interviews. In addition, it continued to strengthen its mission of being the meeting point for Turkey and the global tourism industry.

Rates Expected to Increase in 2022
Thanks to the global increase in COVID-19 vaccination rates, in 2021, the number of tourism and travel activities has increased significantly compared to January-August 2020. According to the data of the Ministry of Tourism, the total number of tourists coming to Turkey in January-August 2021 increased to 14 million. It was 7.25 million in January-August 2020. According to the data of the Ministry, there was a 93.1% increase in the number of tourists compared to the previous year. The fact that Turkey’s tourism income increased by 33% in the first six months of 2021, from $4.10 billion to $5.45 billion, shows the rapid development in the sector, while it has also clearly demonstrated the great contribution that the East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition – EMITT can make to the Turkish economy and tourism industry.

Sururi Çorabatır, President of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TÜROFED), said that the sector has experienced a better season this year than last year, thanks to the increase in vaccination rates. Stating that the tourist and income figures are above the ones in 2020, Çorabatır stated that there were hotels that couldn’t open last year due to the pandemic, and that there have been a lot of open hotels this year: “The Mediterranean region has a unique customer profile. Hotels in the Aegean region were also full. The situation in Çesme, Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris was perfect until the fire broke out. The situation in Cappadocia and Denizli was also quite good. This winter, we think that there will be a demand for both our ski and thermal hotels. We are also observing that the tourism season is lasting longer in coastal areas. However, everything depends on the number of cases and the rate of vaccination.” Çorabatır said that they do not compare this year with any period and that as an industry, they focus on the next years. Çorabatır said, “In a period which the travel industry in the world is experiencing a standstill, as Turkey, we have made and continue to do our best as the Safe Tourism Certification Program, Tourism Development Agency and sector representatives. If the number of cases decreases and vaccination rates increases, I predict that we will have a great tourism season in 2022.”

EMITT Exhibition will be held for the 25th time with the corporate sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul Governorship, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and Turkish Airlines and will be organized with the support of KOSGEB, in partnership with the Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TÜROFED) and the Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TTYD).
The show is a valuable business platform providing new business and cooperation opportunities to the Turkish and global travel sectors. EMITT showcases country pavilions, holiday destinations, summer and winter tourism, outdoor tourist destinations, hotels and tourist centres, tour operators, travel agencies and much more.

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