Lorraine Laby is a visionary entrepreneur who has taken her passion for travel into a thriving profession. With the creation of Senior Travel Buddies, she has provided seniors with an innovative solution to the challenge of solo traveling. This website connects seniors with like-minded travel partners, making it easier for them to explore the world and experience new adventures together. 

Lorraine has always wanted to see new places, but as a senior, she wants a travel companion who is as eager to learn about other cultures as she is. She dreamt of having a travel buddy with whom she could experience a variety of new locations.

Growing older should not imply putting restrictions on travel plans. Lorraine discovered a chance to transform her quest into a business after noticing a void in the tourism industry for seniors. She eventually created a website where seniors – men, women, and couples aged 50 and older – who enjoy similar types of travel activities may search for and connect with other travelers to discover a prospective matching travel partner or companions.

You can join the company’s carefully curated community of seniors who love to travel. Then, using a simple question-and-answer form, create a profile delineating your travel priorities. Senior Travel Buddies provides a subscription for only $19.95 per year.

It also offers the option to post trips travelers want to take and to customize their travel profile with preferences; i.e., buddy gender, travel duration, cost, and location. Additionally, the subscribers can search through trips that other subscribers have posted and find their best travel buddy. 

Turning her life-long passion of wandering across the world into a profession has opened new ways for Lorraine to contribute and give back to society.

Senior Travel Buddies helps the senior community find their preferred travel companions and allows the company to create and grow its network of fellow travelers and adventure lovers worldwide.

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