Organizers of the prestigious annual hotel and hospitality industry awards in Nigeria has announced that the nominations portal for the Hotel Managers Awards for 2024 has been thrown open to the general public.

Travel and tourism professionals, stakeholders, experts are enjoined to make nominations for the various award categories for deserving hospitality and hotel facilities for this year.

Organizers also revealed that this year’s awards have new additions which are the awards of the Hotel of the Year in Nigeria, the Top 10 Hotel General Managers in Nigeria and the Best International Hotel Chain in Nigeria.

The theme for this year’s Conference and Awards is, “Innovative Strategies: Nurturing Resilience and Excellence in Guest Experience in African Hospitality”.

The Conference is set to hold on the 13th & 14th July, 2024 while the Awards would hold on 14th July by 6.30pm, all inside the Grand African Ballroom, Lagos Continental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos State the economic Capital of Nigeria.

Mr. Olugbenga Omotayo Sunday, CEO of Tojum Hospitality and Convener of the annual Hotel Managers Conference & Awards explained that, “Practitioners and the general public need to celebrate these winning hotels, hospitality brands and individuals, from the basis of their immense resilience, managerial discipline and sustained focus to retain and sustain their outstanding standards in the face of the sharp increases in the cost of running hotels in addition to the fierce competition in the terrain among hotels for available guests for the year under review”.

“It is pertinent to emphasize here again that the Hotel Managers Awards was conceived as an integral part of the Hotel Managers Conference, as we keep track, recognize and celebrate travel, hospitality brands, hotels, organizations and individuals whose operations and jobs are positively changing the face of the industry in Nigeria and Africa”, Mr. Sunday concluded.

Justina Ovat, Chairperson of the Awards Committee, speaking on the awards, explained that, “The hotel and hospitality industry need these awards because the industry thrives on excellence, innovation, and exceptional service delivery.

These awards serve as a beacon of recognition, celebrating the tireless efforts and remarkable achievements of individuals and establishments within the sector.

They not only highlight best practices but also inspire others to continually raise the bar, fostering healthy competition and driving overall industry growth.

She also said that, “The positive effects of these awards reverberate throughout the industry. Firstly, they elevate standards by showcasing exemplary performance, thus encouraging others to emulate success. Secondly, they provide a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing among industry peers, fostering collaboration and camaraderie. Thirdly, they boost morale and motivation within hotel teams, recognizing their hard work and dedication. These awards contribute to the enhancement of guest experiences, further solidifying the industry’s reputation for excellence”

She also harped on the fairness and integrity of the process as it relates to how the awardees are nominated, voted and screened before the winners emerge.

“The nomination and voting process is meticulously designed to ensure fairness and transparency at every stage. Nominees are selected based on stringent criteria that encompass various facets of hotel management and guest satisfaction. The voting process involves industry experts and stakeholders, whose diverse perspectives help identify the most deserving candidates.

“Additionally, safeguards are in place to prevent bias or undue influence, guaranteeing that winners truly represent the pinnacle of achievement in the industry. I am confident that the process upholds the highest standards of integrity and fairness”, Justina asserts.

Justina Ovat equally encouraged every hotel that feel they deserve the awards to take time to nominate their brands and hotel and hope they win the awards.

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