Four Bahraini pilots at Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, have completed the final check for command upgrade training and promoted to be captains. Mr. Ahmed Ismaeel, Mr. Ahmed Janahi, Mr. Mohammed Kamal and Mr. Mohammed Malek were congratulated by the airline’s top management for their promotion and uniform upgrade from three to four stripes.

All the newly promoted captains have started their flying career with Gulf Air beginning from second officer and completing the required training and flying hours to become first officers and recently captains; as Gulf Air is committed to invest in its Bahraini workforce and their career development and as such, it continues to provide opportunities for Bahraini nationals to take over senior positions in the company.

On this occasion, Gulf Air’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Captain Waleed AlAlawi said: “We are very proud of our Bahraini workforce and flying crew and I’m happy to see them work their way up and be promoted from first officers to captains. This is not the peak of their career but only the beginning of them shining in Gulf Air with opportunities to become senior captains, trainings captains, fleet managers or part of senior or executive management in the future.”

The airline boasts 100% Bahrainisation of second officer and first officer pilots and it continues its initiative of training Bahrainis to become aviation professionals and contribute to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s legacy of being a longstanding reliable source of aviation industry professionals who have served the national carrier and other regional airlines.

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