The Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria Capt. Rabiu Yadudu has thrown his weight behind the first international aviation cargo conference Chinet ’21. This is according to the organisers of the event Atqnews. The Publisher of Atqnews Ambassador Ikechi Uko said that the support of some Nigerian Government Agencies is a very welcome development. The conference will hold August 2021 in Lagos.

Organiser, Aviation Cargo Conference, Ikechi Uko

“Nigeria has suffered for the first time in a decade a massive trade deficit according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, NBS. Exports grew by 6% but still less than imports. This deficit can be seen at the airports every day. The question is, why is Nigeria not exporting goods in large numbers”? Nigeria is a country of over 200 Million resourceful people that has depended a lot on imported goods. This has been eroding our national wealth.

A lot of Airlines bring freighters daily to Nigeria and most of them fly out empty. There is a need to change this dysfunctional scenario. Chinet Aviation Cargo Conference will be an Annual Conference that brings all potential exporters, Cargo Managers, Logistics firms, Airlines, Airport, Customs and everyone in the Aviation and Cargo ecosystem to Chart a pathway that enables Nigerians export more. We have already engaged stakeholders in Nigeria and abroad to find a profitable route to growing and networking the value Chain.”

Ambassador Uko explained that with Covid-19 many countries responded to the emerging global dynamics by seeking new supply partners for basic goods. This new reality has redefined the Global Supply Chain. Nigeria needs to play a part in the emerging New Cargo Ecosystem.

The conference he says will bring global experts to Nigeria to help exporters take advantage of the emerging scenario to grow its export capabilities. The Six areas that will be discussed by the experts includes: Aviation capacity Utilization; Export Opportunities; Financing and Insurance; Regulation and Standards; Packaging and Market Access.

In his message Captain Yadudu congratulated the organisers for such a bold move which he says will help grow the industry. Many airports and airlines are adjusting their processes to take advantage of the emerging cargo boom globally. Already speakers and major players in the industry have been lined up and many more will join the line-up, this is according to the Organisers. Ambassador Uko said that partnership has been built across the board to make this event a huge success.

“As passenger figures went down with Covid-19 Pandemic cargo numbers went up and this is an opportunity for Nigeria to play.” Atqnews is the Premier African News leader in Aviation, Travel and Tourism. For 16 Years it has partnered with the biggest Travel Exhibitions in West Africa including Accra Weizo in Ghana and Akwaaba Travel Market in Lagos.

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