Bspoke Associates, a premier international consultancy known for its tailored communication campaigns in luxury destination branding, proudly announces the introduction of BSales, a pioneering strategy-led global marketing and sales representation branch.

Beatriz Gimeno, the former co-founder of Autentico Hotels, a Sales & Marketing representation company specialised in family-owned luxury hotels in Italy, will head up the new division and shape the innovative approach to elevate and position luxury hospitality brands and destinations globally.

Bianca Perna, Founder and CEO of Bspoke Associates, shares her vision: “Our mission has always been to deliver tailor-made, ROI-focused solutions. Integrating sales and marketing expertise into the different communication levels aligns perfectly with our philosophy of a 360-degree approach to meet clients’ objectives.”

Beatriz and Bianca have shared their view on the industry over the past six years and have found a shared passion for making a difference in such a saturated market. Bianca continues: “We are delighted to welcome Beatriz to spearhead our campaigns. Her expertise in remarkable international activities is crucial in crafting meaningful, customized strategies that resonate in today’s dynamic luxury travel landscape.”

BSales’ methodology meticulously selects each region’s established and emerging international travel agents and DMCs. Affiliations and partnerships are carefully developed according to the brand DNA and short and long-term objectives.

All this is achieved through participation in influential trade shows and organizing dedicated events at Bspoke Home, our on-site hub for intimate, professional gatherings. “Sharing ideas and dreams over a glass of wine or an art exhibition comes naturally when you are with like-minded people”,  Beatriz continues.

Rosalind Milani Gallieni, the strategic mind with a track record of successful intentional campaigns across fashion, design, gastronomy, and travel that have been an integral part of Bspoke Associates for two years, emphasizes the importance of connecting people: “Our approach has always been about fostering relationships. Bspoke Home is a testament to this philosophy, offering a welcoming space for industry professionals to connect and collaborate.”

Beatriz Gimeno reflects on the evolving travel industry: “The luxury travel sector has undergone significant changes recently. At Bspoke, we believe in making a difference and fostering networking opportunities. We focus on strategic approaches highlighting unique destinations, carefully aligning them with the right travel agents and DMCs to ensure a perfect match”.

Bspoke Home plays a vital role in BSales, hosting dedicated events and serving as a prime location for trade show activities. Beatriz Gimeno explains: “We’ve handpicked key trade shows for our presence. However, the real magic happens outside these events, through personalized experiences like Italian dinners, wine tastings, and art exhibitions.”

This venture also marks the beginning of a partnership with Autentico Hotels, a collection of selected family-owned, one-of-a-kind luxury hotels in Italy.

Mario Cardone, CEO of the company, shares his enthusiasm: “We’re excited about this collaboration. Our Italian DNA drives both Bspoke and Autentico. We share the same values – passion, hospitality, and meticulous attention to detail. Both partners will bring their expertise to better face the challenges that the travel industry will have over the next few years.”

Bspoke Associates and Autentico have brought together their experience to select the industry’s most important travel trade shows to meet and develop relationships with the leading buyers at the global level. Mario adds: “We want to create new visibility opportunities for our clients in a market that is always more competitive.” Among the events selected are ILTM LATAM, ILTM ASIA PACIFIC, ILTM NORTH AMERICA, ILTM CANNES, EMOTIONS, and AMOUR.

The partnership also sees Beatriz Gimeno as the Brand Ambassador of Autentico Hotels to oversee this joint endeavour and leverage the combined expertise of both teams to meet and exceed client expectations better.

Bianca Perna concludes: “I am very excited to open this new chapter, as a sign of how we meet, develop and support the continuous growth and changes within the travel industry. BSales is the first of new exciting projects that the team and I are planning and plotting for the next months, to anchor great ideas and new aspirations between like-minded people. Indeed, our approach sees Bspoke Home and similar networking opportunities at the heart of BSales.”

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