For the fourth consecutive month in 2023, according to the Cirium ranking, Avianca Airlines has been recognized as the world’s most punctual global airline in September, with more than 17,000 flights operated and an OTP (On Time Performance) indicator of 89.9%.

Throughout the year, the airline has consistently remained within the top five positions in the ranking, holding the second position in July and the first position in August and September.

“This milestone clearly confirms the dedication and discipline of more than 13,000 employees who every day give their all so that our customers arrive safely, on time and with all their baggage at their destination,” said Avianca Deputy CEO Frederico Pedreira.

He stated further, “The numbers speak for themselves: not only did we maintain our first place ranking, but we also increased our punctuality indicator by three points compared to August, reaching 89.9% in September. We are now focused on ensuring optimal service as we prepare for the winter season operation, which will see a significant increase in capacity.”

Avianca also indicated that in view of aviation authority directives to increase capacity to 74 operations per hour – the number of takeoffs and landings – for the summer season at El Dorado Airport, it is essential for all stakeholders in the sector to work together to deliver consistent and punctual service.

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