Airlink, Southern Africa’s premier independent airline has appointed AVIAREPS as its General Sales Agent in its important North America and Asia source markets.

As a result, Airlink is now represented by AVIAREPS in 39 international markets on all five continents in a partnership to optimise Airlink’s footprint, grow its sales in key international markets and stimulate additional travel and tourism from those markets to Southern Africa.

“North America is a significant source market, not just for Airlink, but for businesses, entrepreneurs, and leisure travellers. Economic activity between South Africa and North America is increasing, including tourism, trade and commerce. Similarly, with Asia reopening we expect a surge in demand as re-emerges as another vital market for Airlink and the businesses and communities we serve.

AVIAREPS will play an important role promoting Airlink, its reach, convenient schedule and connections, its service, and reliability – all the key considerations for anyone wanting to explore and take advantage of the opportunities that exist on both sides of the Atlantic and Indian oceans,” said Airlink Executive Manager Sales & Marketing, Carla da Silva.

“We feel honoured about the appointment as GSA for Airlink in North America and Asia and are thrilled to see our partnership with Airlink grow. Airlink is a dynamic carrier with a world-class product and offering. By extending our representation of Airlink, we will fly Airlink’s brand and boost its sales across all the major travel trade channels and platforms where AVIAREPS has a broad footprint in Asia, North America, Europe, East Africa and Latin America. This will also add mutual benefit and value to our firm. As a result, there is every incentive for us to work closely with Airlink and increase its penetration in these markets”, said Marcelo Kaiser, COO Aviation at AVIAREPS.

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