In preparatory for the 2024 pilgrimage exercise to Israel and Jordan, the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC) has opened bid for air carriers and ground handlers as a pre-qualification process for their participation in the 2024 pilgrimage exercise.

In his remarks at the event, the Executive Secretary Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission, Bishop Stephen Adegbite welcomed the bidders who have come far and near to be part of the bid process which he is superintending for the first time since his assumption of office as the Executive Secretary of NCPC on 5th February, 2024.

He assured that due process must be followed and the Commission must not do anything that would contravene the procurement act of 2007.

He maintained that, “we must do everything with the fear of the Lord; because it is a new beginning, it is a new dawn”, he said.

He further assured the service providers that the Commission would be transparent about the entire bid process. According to the NCPC boss, “we are going to be transparent about it, there will be openness and there will be due diligence.”

He emphasized that the bid opening which was graced by strategic stakeholders, including observers from civil society organizations as well as officials from the committee on Christian Pilgrims Affairs of the Federal House of Representatives.

In this connection, the NCPC helmsman stated, “ the lawmakers of Nigeria are fully aware of what we are doing, we want the best for you, we want the best for Nigeria”, he affirmed.

Bishop Adegbite further averred that this year’s pilgrimage is our year of “renewed hope and satisfaction”, stating that the Commission would be satisfied as well as all our service providers.

He reiterated that the Federal Government of Nigeria has very good confidence in the current leadership of the Commission. According to him, “we will do everything to see that not only that justice is done, but justice is seems to have been done.”

The bid opening process was attended by service providers from Israel, Jordan, Turkey as well as Nigerian Companies and partners.



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